several files around Maple, free for download and with no warranty. 

 This are some examples on using external calls for numerical reasons.
 Not very well worked out, a little bit experimental. But hopefully
 they are usefull.

 All runtime libraries are for Windows, but i included the sources  in most
 cases, so they may be compiled for other platforms.

 Up to now i have also included the complete projects in Microsoft's
 Visual C++ 6 (but may be the sources + headers + compile options will
 be sufficient). Everything is zipped to one file each.

 Some sheets are Maple 8, some are higher versions. DLLs compiled for
 Maple 8 seem to have no problem with Maple 9.5. (42 kB)
    Shows how to set up a MSVC project, how to modify wrappers for complex
    numbers and to add Maple's libs and includes to get the DLL for it.
    And how Maple works on the types and where are limits for the size
    of numbers. (39 kB)
    How to use the GNU Scientific Library GSL through a wrapper. The full
    library is too much, i restrict to real valued functions. As a special
    case i look at special functions. For example for the Bessel functions
    that can speed up numerics quite good. (483 kB)
    This are the GSL runtime libraries used in the GSL examples. They are
    free under the GNU licence (which is included). Note these DLLs are
    for Windows, for other platforms links are given how to get them. (41 kB)
    While GSL provides good results for real function it seems to be not
    useful in the complex case. (35 kB)
    Shows how one can have a function in Maple on which a C program works
    from outside. The typical case is a routine to integrate (which will
    be done in a separate project, not included): the function values are
    given in Maple, operating on them is outside (a call back). (35 kB)
    Also somewhat technical: how to work by pointing to Maple in a C program.
    Used for external integration. (41 kB)
    Shows how to use integration schemes in a C program can be applied to
    a function defined in Maple. I look at speed and exactness are for 3
    examples (all using double exponential integration).


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30 Apr 2005: uploaded some files

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